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Educate Yourself
Some of the material on this page may be difficult to read and/or view; however, ignoring the facts can not and will not remedy the occurrences of shelter overcrowding, breed bias, irresponsible pet ownership and the absence of spaying and neutering.  Raising public awareness of these issues can and will hopefully bring attention to the reality that those of us involved in rescue face day in and day out.  Though disheartening at times, the hope remains that through proper education and accurate information, more people will realize the significance of adopting from a shelter or a rescue, and further recognize the importance of spaying and neutering.  Sadly, perfectly adoptable companion animals are being euthanized at an alarming rate in shelters across the country to make room for the continual flow of homeless, once loved pets being brought in on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, this vicious cycle will endlessly repeat itself until the importance of spaying and neutering is not only recognized, but also respected.  Until then, companion animals will continue to be our innocent victims.
This video documentary of the Gregg County Animal Shelter was featured in February of 2006, and gives a sad, but sobering account of what shelters and shelter employees face daily as a part of their "job description".
A Good Death - A Longview News Journal Editorial
(This documentary is temporarily unavilable, however we're anxiously awaiting its return to the world wide web)
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Watch & learn how the Media can easily influence society through manipulative reporting.  That's why it's so important to be responsible, educate yourself and get the facts.
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