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Pawz Supporters
Supporter - a person that supports;  an adherent, follower, backer, or advocate;  a person supporting an idea or cause publicly;  one who promotes or advocates;  booster, champion, friend...... 
Through the years, from time to time, kindness has been extended to us on many different levels.  Whether it was a bag of dog food or assistance with veterinary care,  we appreciate the generosity of our friends, and wish to acknowledge them for their support of PROJECT PAWZ.  And for those of you that aren't "animal people", but did it simply for us, you have our sincerest gratitude.  Thank you.
Bill & Julie Maupin
Carl & Carolyn Bennett
Darla Blatnik
Dr. Gary & Cheri Wilson
Ennis Veterinary Clinic
J. Clay Goodman, M.D. FAAN
Jack & Patti Taylor
Jim & Carol Sjoberg
Kathy Jenkins & Nancy Hightower
Mark & Sandy Jones
Marsha McAlister
Marzette McMenamy
Michael, Amber & Kambry Morris
Richille Chiles
Susan Hall
Wayne & Trema Blackman
And to those of you who have taken the time to forward one of our e-mails about a homeless pet,  posted their picture at your place of business, or offered a word of encouragement about what we do, we appreciate you too.  It's the little things all working together that help get these animals out of shelters and into homes.  And yes, it takes a village!!