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Thelma & Louise were found all alone as tiny kittens. These beautiful siblings were at a convenience store / gas station and it was quite late at night.... far too late for little ladies such as these to be out without a chaperone. Sadly, these unskilled huntresses were pursuing crickets for their dinner. A couple of, let's just call them "concerned citizens", noticed one of the girls under the lights of the station as they were driving by. They quickly decided to turn around and go back to investigate. A closer look revealed not one, but two, homeless calico cuties. Envisioning a better life and certainly a better meal elsewhere for the pair, the concerned citizens tried to carefully coax Thelma & Louise into their vehicle using food & water as "bait". This is where the story gets interesting... Does the term "cat wrangling" mean anything to you??? Thelma & Louise were apprehended and taken to safety. I wouldn't exactly say it was "without incident", but hey, they're so worth it!!
Within the next 24 hours, the girls had fully acclimated to eating tasty kitten food and having a nice place to sleep. They also mastered their litterbox within seconds. The girls were then taken to the vet after a few days for an overall heath evaluation and have been treated for a few minor issues related to having a "not so healthy" start in life. With all that behind them now, Thelma & Louise have been tested for FELV/FIP, which is negative, and they've been given their age appropriate vaccinations and worming. According to the vet, they were probably born sometime around the first of June, making them mere babies!!
Thelma & Louise both have some of the prettiest calico markings we've ever seen, but don't misunderstand... they're not just pretty faces. Both girls are super sweet and love playing with all their new toys. They have a bed, but prefer curling up together in the laundry basket for naps. Louise is a bit more reserved than Thelma. Thelma immediately wants to get as close to you as she can, while Louise takes a more laid back approach. Once Louise sees that Thelma is resting comfortably in your lap and is purring with contentment, she then joins Thelma and claims any available spot close by. Louise is learning from Thelma how to trust her human and just enjoy being a pampered pet. She never knew life could be so easy.
Thelma & Louise have gone from crickets to caviar, and will now expect their life to be maintained in the manner which they have become accustomed. Spoiled??? Maybe. But who could possibly resist indulging these precious sisters with everything their little hearts desire??? One look at those fuzzy little faces will melt your heart.....
BEVO & JACK ARE BACK!! Yes, that's right..... Adopted out together back in April of 2008, these two very bonded brothers moved back to Project Pawz in June of 2010. For just over 2 years, Bevo & Jack were living in East Texas with Abby Grace and her mom, Charity, in what we all thought would be their forever home. Well, sometimes things happen and circumstances change. In this case, Abby Grace's mom got married and unfortunately her new hubby was terribly allergic to cats.... even moreso when it's times 2!! We have an open door policy here at Project Pawz allowing any and all of our fosters to return "home" if they ever need or want to. That being said, we welcomed Bevo & Jack back with open arms. After all, we've missed them!!
Bevo & Jack were born in May of 2007 and have always been together. They eat together, sleep together, play together..... these boys literally are inseperable. Because they're so close and always have been, we feel it would be cruel to split them up at this point in their lives. A forever home TOGETHER is an absolute must for Bevo & Jack. They're like peas & carrots!!
Bevo & Jack lived the first year of their lives (before they were adopted) here at Project Pawz. During that year, they transformed from scrawny little kittens to handsome & hearty adult cats. They were always such sweethearts, but living with little Abby Grace for 2 years made them even bigger lovebugs. A large bed is definitely an adoption requirement for these two. You'll wake to find them snuggled up so close to you that you can barely move an inch!! And Bevo & Jack are big boys.... Bevo weighs in at 17 lbs and Jack is more slight of build weighing 15 lbs. Bevo & Jack are shy upon first introductions, but quickly warm up once they deem you "worthy". It must be on THEIR terms though, and not forced. They don't travel well and in fact, prefer to just stay home and watch the Travel Channel instead. A trip to the vet is about as much as they choose to tolerate, as long car rides tend to make them sick. Trust us on that one.
Basically Bevo & Jack are the perfect indoor companions. They're both low key since they're a bit more "mature" now. They like to take naps, but when they're awake they want to be close to you. They're curious, and enjoy just watching you go about your daily routine as long as you make time to offer them a scratch on the head or engage them in a little conversation every now and then. They're not demanding. They just want to love and be loved and have someone constant in their lives.